Student safety schemes

Budget Taxis provide two students safety schemes

It’s late, the buses have stopped running, and you’re stuck stranded with no money.


Did you know you can "pay" for your fare by giving the Budget taxi driver your Student Card in lieu of payment? You will be asked to sign a docket and leave your student card with the driver. You can then get your card back by repaying your original fare at the Students’ Union 3 days later.


Budget Taxis provide this service in conjunction with the Students’ Union.


If you find yourself stranded, give us a call on (0191) 298 5050

Northumbria University and Newcastle University students only

We do two students safety schemes. One for Northumbria Uni and one for Newcastle.


Budget Taxis are dedicated to looking after the students of Newcastle! We have been the preferred private hire company partner to both Northumbria and Newcastle Unis for many years and we continually look at making sure students get from A to B safely.


Student Safety Schemes – This service is only available during the hours of darkness, if you find yourself stranded with no money. Students should never walk home alone after a night out. We put your safety first!

If it's late, be sensible, be safe - give Budget Taxis a ring


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We understand the needs of students when it comes to taxis, with frequent promotions and discounts. All year round Budget Taxis offer the best value for money of any taxi firm in Newcastle, and all our drivers are CRB checked.

For all student journeys, whether long or short, 95% of our bookings are dispatched to a driver within 30 seconds and 95% of cars arrive within 5 minutes of booking, and are tracked all the way to your destination.

If you have any questions at all, please ring us now on (0191) 298 5050