About the app

Official and free Budget Taxis Newcastle App allowing you to quickly and easily book your taxi. Why wait on hold when you can instantly book from this app!

  • Place a booking by specifying your location using GPS or select an address from our huge database of addresses.
  • Utilise the in-built tracking facility to let your mobile phone determine your pickup location (highest accuracy is achieved outside).
  • Store and save favourite addresses for use as either pickup or destination locations.
  • Able to create multiple bookings for future pickup times.
  • Check the location of your taxi as it approaches using the tracking map facility.
  • Automatically receive a Notification when you taxi is nearby, including the vehicle number of the assigned taxi.

Why use our app?

  • Download our mobile app for Android or iOS and get your taxi even when you are on the go. Save your profile and payment details, and next time you open the app, you can book a journey with a couple of clicks. Just enter your pickup and drop-off location and your taxi will be with you in minutes.
  • You can also save your frequent Pick-Up locations and place bookings directly from the handy favourites list.
  • All bookings through the app are automatically prioritised – beat the queues! You can place your booking at any time – hours, days or weeks in advance if you like – but cancel it any time without penalty, if your plans change.
  • Just like a phone booking, you can make special requests, but with no chance of a misunderstanding. If you need a minibus or multiple cars, for example, the options are all available in the app.
  • Track your car on a map as it approaches – no more guessing where your taxi is, or how long it might be. You will also receive a text when your car is 2 minutes away with useful details such as registration number, model and colour, plus the driver’s name.
  • Payment is taken securely by credit or debit card, so you avoid having to stop at the cash point, or carry extra money with you on a night out.